Due to the increasingly unstable weather patterns in Oklahoma, roofs sustain minor damages every year. These damages can go unnoticed for years until the home is sold. Unfortunately these damages are usually noted during a home inspection. Most of these damages are minor and require minor repair. Although these repairs are typically minor, the major issue is usually timing. At Roof Pro Local, we have developed a No Haggle Roof Repair Pricing (Link to brochure) guide in an effort to help expedite these repairs. Your referrals would also automatically qualify as a Preferred Customer, which is outlined in detail above in the Insurance Agents section. This means that, should a home require a full roof replacement, they would qualify for these benefits as well.

1.     Call or email your order with the following info: Name, address of repair, and level of repair.

2.     We make the repair within 48 hours.

3.     We collect payment during closing.

As easy as 1,2,3.