Experienced Professional Service – We understand how valuable your customers are to you. We realize that by referring us, we are also representing your good name. That is why our top priority is to treat your customer with the same professional service that you do. The perfect referral relationship is one where both parties make themselves AND each other look great.
Free Inspections – Before your customer files a claim, have one of our qualified inspectors come and take a look to see the extent of any damages. The damages may not exceed the deductible. In many cases a zero pay claim can reflect poorly on the insureds record and in extreme cases cause cancellation.

Preferred Customer Program – As one of your referrals, your customer automatically qualifies as a preferred customer and can receive the following upgrades at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE:
-    Upgrade to a class 4 (UL 2218) impact resistant shingle.
-    Upgrade to synthetic underlayment.
-    Upgrade to Ice and Water barrier on eaves, rakes (gables), valleys, and around all protrusions (chimneys, skylights, vents, etc.)
-    Upgrade to a high-wind installation qualifying for an upgraded manufacturer warranty for wind. Up to 130mph depending on the manufacturer.

YouRoofit Product – Every project is unique. In some cases, price is the bottom line. We have developed a project calculator that will allow the customer to pay for the materials and labor, thus acting as their own project manager. This cuts out much of the overhead and profit, allowing the customer a substantially reduced price. 

Lunch and Learn – We offer a free comprehensive and entertaining lunch and learn program. You and your staff can relax and enjoy your choice of catered lunch while learning about the exciting ever changing world of roofing.