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A recent study showed that the average roof in Oklahoma gets replaced EVERY 7 YEARS. When you consider that average roofing shingles are designed to last 30+ years, you have to ask yourself why. The most likely and obvious answer is the crazy weather. The number one peril leading to re-roofing is wind/hail.

From 1990 – 2011 there was an estimated 17,072 hail events in Oklahoma with damaging hail, or hail greater than .75 inches. Although we cannot control the weather, we can use better materials and better installation practices to ensure that your roof is resilient enough to withstand these elements to it’s maximum potential. At RoofPro Local our mission is to use premier materials installed to withstand perils to their maximum potential. We have our local professionals standing by to assist you in finding the roofing system that best fits your individual needs.